380 SAR

Aromatherapy device

Cold Air Fragrance Diffuser

Device Features:

Elegant and attractive design as a decorative piece for the place

Equipped with a clear time clock

The use of natural essential oils in full concentration without dilution

Use the customer's favorite fragrance as desired

Availability of essential oils in local markets

Great savings on perfume consumption: approximately 1ml per hour

The possibility of programming the device through 3 programs

The ability to control the strength of the aroma distribution

Very easy programming for the device

Device coverage: about 200 square meters

Freshener bottle capacity: 100ml

Voltage: 100-240

Power: 3w

Voltage: 5v

The ability to install the device on a wall or on a flat surface

Suitable for use inside the home, office, hotel reception, cafes, and various places.

Gift included with the device: 50ml assorted essential oils

  • 380 SAR

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