Kettle and car mug

180 SAR

multi-purpose car boiler

1- Made of high quality materials, safe to touch from the outside.

2- Tight cover, without leakage, streamlined design, shockproof.

3- Intelligent temperature control from 25 to 90 degrees.

4- Display the real temperature at the same time.

5- Rapid heating in less than 25 minutes to reach a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

6- Suitable for making coffee, tea, milk and various hot drinks and noodles.

7- The power is 70w, the voltage is 12v.24v, the temperature is from 25-90 degrees Celsius, the size is 350 ml, the size of the attached cable is approximately 1 meter, the color is black.

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  • 180 SAR

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